Why Choose us


At La Maison hotel, we are concerned about quality in all its aspects, since your arrival and in every moment you enjoy your vacation on the island of Corfu. For us, apart from the aesthetic environment and the services, quality lies in the ambience you feel as soon as you arrive. The Mediterranean nature, the Mediterranean way of living, the care, the quietness, the privacy, the easy access everywhere, altogether compose the ideal context we have imagined for a holiday in Corfu. This is the context we work hard for every day, we preserve and improve.

Your privacy

Once in the heart of the Corfiot nature, just be yourself! Live the way you like in the discreet luxury of La Maison and the beauty of the Greek light. La Maison Boutique hotel is situated in a generously natural piece of land with no other units, streets or houses around. The vast common areas and the swimming–pool along with the small number of rooms allow for freedom and privacy. Here, you will find yourself in absolute peace and isolation to live your holidays exactly as you wish. Here you are nobody but yourself! Enjoy it!

Our services

Our services are tailored to our guests’ needs. You just name your dream holidays in Corfu and leave the rest to us. The services at La Maison Boutique hotel offer our guests exactly what they need the moment they need it. At the same time, the discreet luxury of our customized services matches the warmth of a small family-run hotel. Just tell us what you want, such as car rental, cruise, horse-riding. Join a yoga session. Be part of a Jeep safari. Your wish is not our command. It is our pleasure!


Green or blue? Privacy or socializing? Sightseeing or relaxing by the pool? Activities or candle light dinner? You are in the right place to have it all. Very few locations are as privileged as Ipsos! While being at one of the most crowded spots in Corfu, this area is absolutely free, particularly quiet and within an exclusive green setting. The popular beach of Ipsos is a 2 minute walk away, the popular beach of Dassia is a 5 minute walk and the historic centre is a 10 minute drive. Thus, La Maison hotel is ideally located to allow you to spend your holidays as you wish even if you change your mind every day!

Sustainability - Ecology

When building La Maison hotel, we chose to be part of the nature! The protection of the environment and the sustainability in all aspects, are at the very heart of our premises and our operation. We ensured the energy efficiency of our hotel and the environmentally-aware water management. We installed solar modules to produce energy. We turn organic waste into compost and we recycle our waste in a determined way as our island has suffered from waste management problems for years. We use as little plastic as possible, certified bio-degradable detergents and we avoid the use of paper by processing all arrivals, departures and other operations on line. Sustainability for us is life, so we have introduced sustainable business operations.

Our garden

Can you imagine that your everyday meals are based on the goods of our garden which you can watch grow while you stay at La Maison hotel? At La Maison Boutique hotel, each dish you taste is based on our garden’s produce. We grow vegetables which go straight to our kitchen, aromatic herbs which add taste to our dishes and fruits which are turned into delicious jams. Close enough to our garden,our family olive-grove produces the liquid gold, as Hippocrates called the extra virgin olive-oil. We use this oil for cooking and seasoning our salads.


The blue sky, the bright light and the vast green landscape are in themselves a reason to choose La Maison for your accommodation. The natural environment of La Maison Boutique hotel is in itself a reason to choose it. Located at the north-east part of Corfu, well-known for its beauty, our property and the surrounding view are an ode to the greenery. Century-old trees, thousands of birds singing on the branches, lush vegetation and sunlight, that bright Greek light, compose a typical Corfiot scenery for you to join. Just let yourself be seduced by its beauty.

Adults only

The only sounds disturbing the peace of La Maison hotel are the sounds of nature. This has been our choice ever since we set up our business and thus we made a hotel for adults only. We adore children, we used to be children ourselves, we are a family. However, we made a hotel unit for adults only, intended for those who wish to forget about stress. One of the most valuable advantages of La Maison Boutique Hotel is the peace and the calming effect of the spot. By choosing to welcome adults only we ensure that the precious days of your holiday in Corfu will be as quiet as you have dreamed of.

A family-run hotel

The hospitality of the Greek family at La Maison hotel goes hand in hand with luxury and elegance. We are at your disposal whenever you need us, but never more. This is a family-run business which welcomes and cares for the particular needs of each guest. We personally supervise the services of our hotel and work constantly for the best. The younger members of the family have studied and worked in the hospitality and business sector. So, we are able to provide luxury services discreetly and with respect to your privacy. In brief, we are there for you without stepping on your toes!