The Hotel

The Hotel

The ultimate destination for your summer holidays

Welcome to La Maison! The Boutique hotel was established based on three principles: hospitality-discreet luxury- privacy. Surrounded by the generous nature of Corfu, 150metres from the beach and ten kilometres from the historic centre, the hotel La Maison was designed so as to offer you everything you wish. Peace in a hotel for adults, modern aesthetics, cuisine based on the products of our garden, yoga sessions by experienced instructors and every service which may create the most valuable memories, here on the island of Corfu.

Relaxing in a green and blue background

In La Maison hotel, it is our concern that all guests make the most of their holidays. All details matter, all details make the difference during the most animating period of the year, that of your holiday. We work passionately and with care every day to ensure the ultimate sense of relaxation and pleasure from the very first moment you arrive till the last minute before you leave Corfu.

Mountains or sea? Serenity or nightlife?

In perfect harmony with the Corfiot nature which encompasses it all around, La Maison hotel is built on an absolutely tranquil hillside in the area of Ipsos, over the northeast coast of the island. The large swimming pool, the bright sunlight and the countless shades of green create the ultimate environment for your summer pleasure. The outdoor spaces are so calm that you can hear the sound of rustling leaves and the songs of birds. On the other hand, only 150metres away, the high vibes on one of the most popular beaches of the island do not stop till dawn.

The heartfelt hospitality goes hand in hand with our luxury services. It is our priority to satisfy all our guests’ wishes within the hotel premises but also in their tour around the magical island of Corfu. The modern simplicity, the turquoise of the cool swimming pool, the creative cuisine based on the produce of our garden, the daily yoga sessions for well-being create the ideal context of absolute relaxation.

On the other hand, the adventure and the discovery of the endless nature and the unique culture of Corfu are just one step away. La Maison Hotel is situated in a region allowing you easy access even to the most distant spots of the island, in 45 minutes at the most. High-quality services and activities at special rates are on offer by the hotel to its guests.


From the moment you arrive till your departure from the “IoannisKapodistrias*” airport of Corfu, you will realize that you are in an unparalleled Mediterranean paradise.

The exceptional natural beauty of the island is supplemented by our selected services for your accommodation, relaxation, and enjoyment.

Transfers for your travels, car and boat rental, activities, yoga, and many other services are on offer to all our guests at special prices and at high standards of safety and quality.

It is very important to us that you experience the best of Corfu and we are firmly focused on achieving that. You are invited to ask for more information at the reception of La Maison Boutique hotel and make use of the services that meet your needs

*The airport of Corfu was named after the first Governor of independent Greece who was a man of a noble family of Corfu where he was born and raised. His modest grave is at the orthodox monastery of Platytera.

All the spaces of our hotel are thoroughly and regularly disinfected. All the services and the staff of La Maison hotel comply with the hygiene regulations of the World Health Organization.