Holidays in Corfu: the 3 tips to live them like a local.

You have booked your holidays in Corfu!  You want to enjoy a “live like a local” experience! Relax and live the charm of the cosmopolitan island at its best! Do not overdo it visiting museums and archeological sites. Do not overdo the sea and the fun. We’ve got the tips for you!

We have created an “all-inclusive” plan for your holidays in Corfu! We designed the ultimate experience, considering La Maison Boutique Hotel in Ipsos as your base. Just adjust the plan according to the duration of your vacation in Corfu.

Tip 1: Get to know the city and its culture.

Corfu Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a rare jewel of the Mediterranean. It is a charming combination of the East and the West.

Old Town of Corfu

Stroll along the alleys –the ”kantounia” as locals call them – of the old city quarters. The kantounia of Kampiello are a real labyrinth. A surprise is waiting for you at every corner. Have a look at the tall houses. They are the first multi-storeyed buildings in Greece. People built in height to fit within the defensive walls  protecting the town against the Ottoman attacks. Ask for Kremasti Square. The well in the centre decorated with relief sculptures was donated to the town by Lord Kokkini.

Then walk to the Kantouni of AgiosSpyridon and visit the church where the relics of the Patron Saint of Corfu are kept.

Continue with a visit to the Municipal Gallery. Admire the works of world-famous Ionian artists and the view of the sea with the ships coming and going in the port. Beneath the walls you may visit Faliraki, nowadays an organized beach. In the old times, it used to be the sea gate to the city. After the Municipal Gallery, you deserve a cool treat at the famous Liston. Liston is a construction commissioned by Napoleon during his domination over the Ionian Islands. Choose a table under the arches or in the shade of its large trees.

Ancient Corfu

If possible, arrange another day in the city in order to experience ancient Corfu. Visit the important Archaeological Museum inVraila- Armeni  Street. Then drive to Paleopolis. Enter Mon Repos and indulge in the magic of nature. Make a stop every now and then to admire the antiquities that have been brought to light. Reach the temple of Apollo and experience the grandeur of classical Greece that looks to the  Eastern light. On the way back, visit the Paleopolis Museum. It is housed in a villa that was built by an English Commissioner who fell in love with a Corfiot noble lady.  When leaving Mon Repo, keep in the area. Drive to Vlacherena, the most photographed spot in Corfu, and drink your ouzo by the seaside.

* To explore the Oldtown of Corfu, rent a car or a scooter or use daily transport from Ipsos to the centre.



Tip 2: Enjoy beach life like a local

It is worth renting a car or a scooter just to visit some beautiful beaches.

In the South of Corfu, we recommend Halikounas and Issos beaches.   They are two endless, golden beaches with clear waters and a magical sunset. But if you want to spend all day on a sandy beach laying on a sunbed and taste authentic Mediterranean food cooked with local ingredients, choose “Mikro Nisi” on AgiosGordios of Lefkimmi.

In the centre of the island, choose Glyfada. Glyfada is a beach that attracts people from all over the world due to its beauty and its beach bars. Change the scenery driving to the North.  Choose Barbati for the crystal clear waters or Kerasia for its virgin nature. A famous beach that you should definitely visit is the Canal d’Amour in Sidari. When you arrive, you will understand why it is so much photographed.


If you have decided to spend most of your holidays in Corfu in the area of Ipsos, then you can always walk from La Maison Boutique Hotel to the popular Ipsos beach – it will take you about 5 ‘. On Ipsos beach, you will find everything you wish: Water sports, bars, cafés, restaurants, or absolute calmness in its northern part. From La Maison Boutique Hotel, you can also go to Dassia, the “birthplace” of Corfiot tourism in the ‘50s. It is an organized, sandy beach with clear waters.


Tip 3: Eat and drink like a local

Corfu Restaurants

In Ipsos, you will adore Dominoes pool restaurant, with the fine Mediterranean cuisine, and the pleasant setting. It’s only a 5-minute walk from La Maison Boutique Hotel.

In the Old Town of Corfu, we recommend the Greek gourmet restaurant “Saluteria” (in IakovouPolyla street) for a “casual” dinner.  The fine-dining restaurants “Pomo d ‘Oro” (in Scaramanga square) and the “Venetian Well” (in Kremasti Square).  The winebar Salto next to the old port for elegant wine pairing.  The traditional “Marina’s tavern” in the Jewish quarter, “Psaraki” for fresh fish in the Spianada, and “Faros” for souvlaki in Anemomylos area.

In Benitses, choose “Bellos”, a traditional high-quality tavern, while in Kontokali enjoy fresh fish at “Roula” fish tavern. If you want a gourmet seaside experience, then choose “Toula” in Agni.

All the above are only some of the restaurants you will appreciate!  Do not hesitate to ask our hotel reception for more ideas!


Corfu Bars

In Ipsos, there are plenty of music clubs and cocktail bars, only 5′ -10′ walking distance from La Maison Boutique Hotel.

cocktailbar Corfu

In the Old Town choose Azur a bar/club just above the Corfu Nautical Club where the view of the illuminated sailing boats and yachts by night is spectacular.

For an elegant outing, choose “Liston Gastrotheque” at Liston. There, you can accompany your drink with a platter, get a signature cocktail with local ingredients like kumquat, or a  fine Greek wine paired with cheese.

For downtown wanderings, choose Bristol bar in EvgeniouVoulgareos street or Stories bar in IakovouPolyla street. Both offer nice music, good drinks, and nice young fans!

Holidays in Corfu, an endless experience!

Corfu is an endless experience. It‘s a large island, with many visitors. Young entrepreneurs with new ideas keep creating new places every year. Even local people always discover new places to eat and drink, natural landscapes and hidden beaches .  Here, we just cite some of the places the locals love to go. Nevertheless, at La Maison Boutique Hotel we are happy to recommend new favorite places in Corfu for our guests to discover during their holidays in Corfu!

We wish you an unforgettable stay!


Holidays in Corfu - La Maison hotel


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