La Maison Corfu

Welcome to La Maison! The Boutique hotel was established based on three principles: hospitality-discreet luxury- privacy. Surrounded by the generous nature of Corfu, 150metres from the beach and ten kilometres from the historic centre, the hotel La Maison was designed so as to offer you everything you wish. Peace in a hotel for adults, modern aesthetics, cuisine based on the products of our garden, yoga sessions by experienced instructors and every service which may create the most valuable memories, here on the island of Corfu.

In the light and the energy of nature


Once you open the door of any room in La Maison Boutique Hotel you will feel positive energy. Simple, full of light, with natural materials and colors and a view over the swimming pool taken in even from your bed, the rooms of La Maison exude a sense of summer in every corner. Nothing is wasted, nothing is missing.

A place which offers freshness and taste the very moment you need it

The Bistro

When the sun burns and you wish to cool down after long hours in the swimming pool, you can choose an ordinary meal, a light snack or a salad under the shade of the pergola. Choose your favorite frozen beer or a glass of fresh wine. Or even, a cocktail to enjoy while stretching on your sunbed. No matter how you prefer to spend your day, the bistro is there to serve you, to satisfy your taste desires while enjoying the peace and the view of the landscape.

The starting point of Greek tourism


Just 10 km from the Old Town, ideally located for touring by car both to the north and the south of Corfu in less than one hour, La Maison Boutique Hotel is situated on a hill to the south of Ipsos area. Ipsos is one of the places which were first developed as tourist destinations in Greece. It is always a very popular beach on the island and the first stop along the charming North-east

Key Points


At La Maison hotel, we are concerned about quality in all its aspects, since your arrival and in every moment you enjoy your vacation on the island of Corfu.

Your Privacy

Once in the heart of the Corfiot nature, just be yourself! Live the way you like in the discreet luxury of La Maison and the beauty of the Greek light.

Our Services

Our services are tailored to our guests’ needs. You just name your dream holidays in Corfu and leave the rest to us.


Green or blue? Privacy or socializing? Sightseeing or relaxing by the pool? Activities or candlelight dinner? You are in the right place to have it all.

Sustainability - Ecology

When building La Maison hotel, we chose to be part of nature! The protection of the environment and sustainability in all aspects are at the very heart of our premises and our operation.

Our garden

Can you imagine that your everyday meals are based on the goods of our garden which you can watch grow while you stay at La Maison hotel?

The Cosmopolitan Greek island

Explore Corfu

Corfu is the northernmost region of Greece, literally and metaphorically as it did not follow the course of the history of the rest of Greece for many centuries. The island was linked to the history and the culture of other countries but preserve its genuine Greek charm. The hotel reception is always happy to provide all the information you need in order to discover the authenticity of Corfu as a real traveler.

Experience every aspect of Corfu

Fun & Adventure

Sail in the blue waters of the Ionian Sea. Enjoy a cruise along the coastline of the island. Train yourself in water sports. Ride a horse in the Corfiot island

Stretch, breath, balance

Relax & Retreat

There are some places in the world that seem to have been created to spread their energy, their oxygen, and their beauty over the people.

Take your pick and move around the island in your own vehicle!

Car or Scooter

Corfu is an island small enough for the visitor to go around it all in just a few days but large enough to make a car or a motorbike hire a must for a full experience of the island.